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Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Inc.

"Mighty Beta Kings" 

Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to strengthening the veteran and local communities, with opportunities geared specifically for military men and veterans. We strive to form a brotherhood where military men; active, veteran, past and present, can forge a brotherhood that can impact our communities through education, training and support. The Internal Revenue Service letter granting Mu Beta Phi Military, Fraternity Inc. our 501(c)3 status is available upon request.

Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity was founded upon the initial members who took a dream and created a vision and has built a standard. That standard coupled with standing principle by which each member of Mu Beta Phi emulates. Hence our slogan “For the Brothers, By the Brothers, Forged in Arms.” It starts with the beginning. MU BETA PHI​ MILITARY FRATERNITY INC. was Founded March 22, 2017 and officially incorporated April 17, 2017 by three Active Duty and Retired military men, across three branches of service. Their aspirations to serve support and defend the men and women in the local and veteran communities amplified their passion to give back. In those aspirations, Mu Beta Phi was created. Built off the principle of Mission, Brotherhood, and Professionalism, the​ brothers of Mu Beta Phi, have taken a​ sworn oath to STRENGTHEN the veteran​ community, restore FAITH in the community, and broaden KNOWLEDGE to ​our Veterans.

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Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Incorporated

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